Hello Holiday Swap!

Last year's format was a hit, so we are keeping the it the same this year.  You pick 5 items from the signup sheet that you would like to receive and your partner will make ONE of them for you. Check your email for the sheet and please bring it completed to the October meeting. 

We've added a few different items to the suggestion list and this year there is a write-in option, just in case we forgot something fun.  Remember if you choose to write in an item it must be a smaller quilted project - there is a time frame and the holidays do get busy.   

We will swap names at the October 22nd meeting. If for some reason you cannot attend that meeting and wish to participate please email us and we'll help get you signed up and make sure you receive a partner.  

Remember, it's a Secret Swap, so please don't accidentally reveal yourself until the December Holiday Party. 

If you need any help with patterns or tutorials on how to make some of the items please ask your fellow guild members, or post a generic question on Facebook! There are several websites with tutorials available, and many of us have great ideas. It is important to make something that your partner will be excited to receive.  Someone once said "if you make it and want to keep it, I am sure they will love it." 

One last reminder - last year's party was a success, and many of us are excited to participate again.   Please be aware that if you sign up this is a commitment and someone is expecting a quality hand made gift from you.  It is important to have your gift ready for the December 17th Holiday party with good workmanship and on a project using choices they have picked.  Please be realistic, if for some reason you can't make your item and have it there for the event, it's okay to not signup.  It's not fun when you have worked on a gift for someone, and then there is nothing there for you. We realize that LIFE does happen and in the event you sign up and something goes wrong in life please let Christine or Leigh Ann know so they can arrange for a Swap Angel. 

We all look forward to the holiday festivities and we love to see all the fabulous projects! 

This Swap is for current Guild Members only, if you are not a current member and wish to participate please attend the October meeting, join our guild, email us or talk with officers to get signed up!