August BOM - Anvil Block

This is one of the older quilt blocks, so it's kind of fun to try to give it a modern look with fabric choices and placement.

Blacksmiths (who used anvils) were big burly guys, so using Seahawks colors, gray, dark blue, lime green seems like a good fit.

Make it 12.5” unfinished, and as always, let the community quilt ladies do the final trim.

he tutorial link for for the block I showed at July Meeting seems to be broken. So I've made a couple from this tutorial. This one seems to give you more choices on fabric placement. Have fun!

August BOM 1.JPG

July BOM - Low Volume Wonky Log Cabin

July's block is a Low Volume Wonky Log Cabin with slivers of some wild colored fabric. It is inspired by a post from Debbie Jeske at A Quilter's Table.

Blocks should be 12.5” unfinished - No need to trim. It's best if all blocks get their final trim with the same 12.5" ruler, so we’ll let the Community Quilt committee do the final trim!

Have fun with this one!

July 2019 BOTM wonky log cabin.jpg