Upcoming Events and Updates!

We have a couple of events coming up that you’ll need to prep for if you want to participate!  We hope you find them exciting!


The first event is our holiday swap!  This will be held at our December 20th meeting/holiday party.  The form can be found here.  Please print it out, take a picture with your phone, and email it to Julie Aiken.  The due date for your form is November 10th, by 8pm.  Once you turn that in, Julie will assign you to your swap recipient.  Remember, this is a blind swap!  The person for whom you are creating an item does not know who you are.  If you have questions about their form, stalk them on social media or contact Julie and she will contact them on your behalf.


The second event is a make and take at our November 15th meeting.  Corliss will be leading us in a name tag embroidery activity!  Please bring a quilted and bound BLANK background that is around 4” x 6”.  Think about how you might want to hang it (pinned to your shirt?  With a lanyard around your neck? You decide and make it happen!)  Quilt guild nametag inspiration can be found on our Pinterest page.  Already have a nametag?  What a fun opportunity to update yours!  It never hurts to have a spare!


Finally, we would like to form a Sunshine Committee.  This committee will be responsible for providing a quilt/card/flowers (whichever are appropriate, decided at the time) during a major life event.  We are a lovely, large group of women at all different stages of our lives.  Some of us are getting married, having babies, or losing loved ones.  If you are interested in serving on or chairing this committee, please contact Jessie Keating, VP Programs.  (Thank you to Roz for this beautiful idea!)